Congratulations are in order for Ringo Starr, who recently became the first Beatle to achieve great-grandfatherhood.

Noise11 reports that Starr's granddaughter Tatia Starkey and her partner Adam Low welcomed the birth of their son Stone Zakamo Low on Aug. 14. The birth was later confirmed by a press rep for Starr.

If he's anything like the rest of his family, Stone seems likely to pursue a career in music when he gets older. Tatia's father, Zak Starkey, has been an in-demand drummer for years, and has performed with a long list of artists that includes Oasis and the Who, while Tatia serves as the bassist and singer for her own band, Belakiss.

Should young Stone follow the family business, he should expect a few words of warning from his great-grandfather. "For an artist starting off, there’s no clubs for them to play in," Starr recently told Bloomberg. "The venues have gone down. It’s very hard now. It’s easier to become a celebrity on a TV show as a band for four months than work solidly. People think it just happened — we just woke up one morning and were Beatles. That’s not true. We worked very hard with the venues and put in the time."

Still, while he concedes none of the Beatles ever need to worry about the future of the music industry, he's trying to do his part to make life a little easier for younger artists. "I go crazy, because if you want to open for a well-known band you have to pay; management makes you pay," he added. "Who is giving back? I did a Ringo tour once and had a local band at every gig open for us just to give them exposure. Nobody is helping anybody."

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