Let me start by saying I love my neighborhood. I live in Endicott and everybody on our block is friendly and we all look out for each other. When the snow flies, those of us who have snowblowers, will make sure that our neighbors are all taken care of. In fact, when my wife and I moved into our house 15 years ago, the neighborhood threw a block party at a couple of houses to welcome us and some other couples that moved into our block that year.

With that being said, I know some people just can't seem to get a long with their neighbors. Whether it's because they are loud or just let their property go and they make the whole neighborhood look like crap. I guess that's what happened in this case.

According to NBC 5 in Seattle, a guy in Sequim Washington had issues with his neighbors because of the way they painted their house. They painted the house a bright purple and pink several years ago. So, he mowed the word "A-HOLE" in his lawn with an arrow pointing at the house.

His artwork was large enough to be seeing on the mapping satellite for Google Earth. Now it's online for ever and going viral. Check out the picture below.


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