Welcome to the second weekend of fall. Or can we call it a last hurrah of summer? I like that much better since as you know, summer is my favorite season.

According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA as we usually refer to it, this weekend is looking to be like  late spring like weather with a high in the upper 70s on Saturday and upper 60s on Sunday.

We could experience a chance of showers and thunderstorms later on Saturday, but I think we can deal with that. Nothing like we experienced earlier this week when we were dealt with quite a storm with some dangerous winds. I was at the campground on Wednesday when the high winds came through. It's a little nerve racking being inside a camper when a severe thunderstorm with high winds rolls through.

I quickly rolled in the awnings, since a really strong wind can cause major damage to them. I had that happen once, even though I had the awnings tied down with hurricane straps. The wind lifted the awning up and over the top of my camper. That was all she wrote for that awning.

I will be taking advantage of all the sun and warmth this weekend offers at the campground. But I will also begin the task of putting things away for the winter, including storing away all those lawn ornaments I have around the camper, winterizing my lawn mowers and storing way the kayaks. And I still have the task of trying to find the water leak that has confounded me and those who have been trying to help me.

There will also be time this weekend for spending time with family and camp friends (socially distanced) around a roaring campfire enjoying a few cold beers. Sadly, time is quickly running out all that.

via NOAA

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