During my three eight hour round trips to Altoona, Pennsylvania over the past month, I have passed by some establishments I wish I had time to stop in and enjoy. A few I'd like to see come to our area.

Some may say we have enough restaurants here, and we need to continue to support the local restaurants. Well, I can't speak for whether our area can support more restaurants, but I can say I do my share of supporting local restaurants.

This is more of a list of restaurants I would like to visit from time to time, so yes, its all about me. During my recent trips, I traveled through the Williamsport, PA area twice. The reason was to avoid taking the ever so stressful I-80, bypassing most of it by heading up through Route 15 into New York State, which is much less congested.

While driving through the Williamsport area, I passed a Dairy Queen. While I didn't have time to stop, I really wanted to. I'm a big fan of the Blizzard. Remember when we used to have a Dairy Queen in Binghamton? I believe it was on State Street where Lupo's S&S Char pit is.

While driving through Clarks-Summit, Pa, I passed a sign for the Waffle House. I love the Waffle House. Those hash browns smothered, covered and chunked are my favorite. Love the warm greeting when you walk through the door. I always stopped into a Waffle House during vacations I have taken in the southern US states.

On two of my trips back from Altoona, Pennsylvania, I took Route 15 north into New York and then Route 17/I-86 home, passing by Big Flats, which has a Buffalo Wild Wings. Not sure why one hasn't been built here. I love wings, but have never had the time to stop by the restaurant in Big Flats to see what their wings are like.

And of course, each of the three trips took me by State College, Pennsylvania, which has a Chick-fil-A. Never been to one, but one of my co-workers raves about the chicken sandwich, so I would love to try one myself. If I didn't have a Greyhound with me, I would have stopped in. And on a side note, it's a beautiful thing driving by State College and seeing Beaver Stadium in the distance. What an amazing stadium it is.

So there you go. Four places I'd like to see come to our area. Guessing it will never happen, but I can wish, right?

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