Have you ever participating in an eating contest? You know, the person who eats the most whatever food in the allotted time, wins a prize. Usually it's a cash prize, because who would want anything less?

Today (August 12th) marks the 3rd anniversary of the chicken spiedie eating contest held at Tioga Downs in Nichols. The contest featured some of the best competitive eaters in the nation.

Check out the video from the Press & Sun Bulletin on August 13th, 2017, below.

Thing is with this chicken spiedie eating contest, the contestants did not just have to eat as many chicken spiedies as they could, it was chicken spiedie sandwiches they had to down. Adding in all that breading makes it more of a challenge just as hot dog eating contests do.

Joey Chestnut, who is famous for winning many hot dog eating contests, was on hand to try to add another eating competition championship to his resume, this time with spiedie sandwiches.

But, Joey was up against some serious contenders. When time was up, the person eating the most chicken spiedie sandwiches was Matt Stonie, who also won the championship the previous year. Like Joey, Matt is another national eating champion.

I don't about you, but I don't care for watching these eating competitions. It's just gross watching people stuff as much as whatever food it is, down their throat as quickly as they can.

I remember many years ago, we put on a promotion where we put a fast food hamburger sandwiches in blenders and had contestants chug down what they could to win some prizes. It was funny watching the expressions on their faces, but again, it was gross. We did let the contestants know what they were consuming.

via The Press & Sun-Bulletin

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