I live in the Village of Johnson City. It's interesting to note some of the differences between each Triple Cities community in terms of rules and regulations.

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For example, some communities have their own municipal garbage pick up, like Binghamton and Johnson City. In Vestal, residential refuse is picked up by a private company. Binghamton requires you buy a certain type of bag to put your waste in. Other local communities do not, at least that I'm aware of.

When it comes to recycling, I think the rules and regulations are pretty much the same, am I correct? Is it mean when I laugh as I pass by a residence where they just threw regular garbage in their recycle bin and expected it to be picked up, only to get a tag on the bin explaining why it wasn't emptied?

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The Village of Johnson City's Department of Public Works just released a reminder about refuse rules. An increase in violations combined with calls with questions about refuse rules prompted the reminder.

If you are a resident of the Village of Johnson City, and your garbage cans or recycle bins get tagged, you have no more than 24 hours to take it back from the road, otherwise the Johnson City Department of Public Works will take it away, and you will be billed a fine of $250.

What are some reasons your garbage can or recycle bin has been tagged and not picked up in the Village of Johnson City (and possibly other local communities?) Well, there are several reasons.

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For example, in the Village of Johnson City, there is a 6 item per living unit limit, a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds, garbage cans/bins can be no larger than 32 gallons, no items are accepted that go over the six foot size limit, and as I mentioned above, trash/garage can not be placed in the recycle bin.

Also keep in mind, tires are not accepted, and if your garbage can/bin is deemed unacceptable, you need to replace it. Fore more information about refuse and rules in the Village of Johnson City, visit the Village of Johnson City website, or call (607) 798-9553. For other local community refuse rules, contact your city, village or town governments.

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