Ratt are returning to the road next year. No further details about the band's possible 2018 plans were released as part of a Facebook post, but it’s likely that the shows will feature classic-era members Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini and Juan Croucier, who reunited earlier this year and have played a handful of times over the last few months. The most recent lineup is rounded out by guitarist Carlos Cavazo and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

Pearcy, DeMartini and Croucier took legal action against original drummer Bobby Blozter after he began touring under the Ratt name in 2015. The trio secured a court ruling in their favor in November 2016, giving them control of the title. However, Blotzer apparently believes he can also use the name, so the dispute remains unresolved. He’s continued doing so, although Blotzer's lineup of the band hasn’t played since he underwent spinal surgery in March.

Early this year, Pearcy reported that work was underway on the follow-up to Ratt's 2010 album Infestation. “Warren and I already demoing up some Ratt music for, you know, what's going on this year," he said. “[S]o who knows? Maybe we'll try to get a record started for Ratt. ... It's been, like, what, six years ... or something, seven years, since Infestation? ... I don't know how long it's been. It took 10 years to do that. But that's a whole another animal in itself."

Former bassist Robbie Crane has said it’s “heartbreaking” to see the continued fueding among his former colleagues. He played with Ratt between 1996-2012, then was part of Blotzer’s band in 2016. “I spent 16 years in that band, and you want good for all of them — I care for all of those people,” he told Metal Express Radio. “But, having said that, there was always a really heavy underlaying of tension and drama in that band.

"I care for all of those guys," Crane added. "I'm happy that Bob was able to go and play some music on his own. But I think the price that it cost to have done that, I don't think it was worth it for Bob. And I think that it's unfortunate. My ultimate hope is that they will all see beyond what's happened, and that time will heal all wounds and that they will eventually do something together as the remaining members.”

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