So, after weeks of Christmas everywhere, the day arrives. And 24 hours later, it's gone. I think the human mind is not equipped to handle that abrupt ending. At least not mine.

The worst is when the day falls in the middle of the week, and you're working the day before and the day after. Seems like we're robbed of the holiday when that happens, and that will happen in 2018.

I hope you had a nice Christmas holiday this year (some of you are still on it, right?) Mine was good. Lots of traveling to visit relatives, but not enough time to enjoy it all, unfortunately.

I received a lot of cool presents. I think the gifts that are funny or make no sense at all, are the ones I enjoy most. Well, that in addition to the candy and cookies. Christmas cookies are the best!

One gift I gave to a relative, was an Alexa. Since The Whale can now be heart on these devices, I thought it would be the perfect gift. And it was. Easy setup and fun to use. If you have one, set it up easily with The Whale. SImply follow the instructions provided, or click below for setup and then say "Alexa...Play The Whale!."

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