I had my first cigarette when I was in fifth grade. I would smoke with my friends after school in grade school. When I get to high school I started to smoke more. I never smoked in front of my parents when I was younger and always thought I did a good job of hiding it. I had siblings that smoked, so if my parents smelled smoke on me, I would just say I was near one of them when they were smoking. I remember when I finally told my mother (God rest her soul) that I smoked. I remember she said something like, 'do you think I'm stupid'? 'Do you really think I didn't know'? I guess I wasn't as good at hiding it as I thought I was.

I quit for one summer. It was the summer between my Junior and Senior year of high school. But, once school started up again, so did the smokes. I would have one or two while standing outside of the school with my friends. Then I would have one in the boy's room, then at lunch, then one or more on the way home. I smoked from that point until I was in my mid-30s

Look for Quitting Smoking Again (Part 2)

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