I know I'm going to sound like an old man, but I have to vent. They just don't make things, or in this case pack things like they used to.

How many times do you go to rip open a bag of chips or something like that and you wonder why they are sealed as well as they are? If you grab the front and the back of the bag around the top and you slowly start to pull it apart, it should just rip across the top, correct? At least that's how it used to work. Now you struggle to get the bag to start to rip, and once it starts, it rips right down either the side or down the front of the bag.

That's exactly happened to me this weekend at the bar at my house. I was opening up a brand new bag of peanuts when the bag ripped right down the middle and sent peanuts flying all over the floor and on top of the bar. What the hell? Remember what the bar looked like at UNO Pizzeria in Vestal when it was open? You would walk in the door and there were peanuts and shells all over the bar area, yeah, that's what my bar looked like.

I understand that you want the bag to be strong enough to hold its contents during shipping.  but this is ridiculous. I would have been better off taking a pair of scissors and trying to cut the top of the bag then trying to pull it open.

Even some of the new resealable bags have the same issue. You pull the strip on the top to get to the plastic resealable seal, and when you start to pull that apart, sometimes it pulls away from the bag leaving you with a resealable bag that you can't reseal.

I'm glad they were peanuts still in a shell, because I just picked them up and threw them in gallon Ziploc bags. If it was a bag of peanuts that were already out of the shell, or worse yet like pistachios not in a shell, that cost a fortune anymore, and they hit the floor, I really would have been ticked off.

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