There is a disturbing story out of Utica today. WABC TV reported that a 17 year old girl was killed by a man that she recently met on Instagram. According to the report once the man killed her he posted photos of her corpse online.

The seventeen-year-old girl was identified as Bianca Devins of Utica and police say her assailant was Brandon Clark from Bridgewater, New York.

WABC reported that 21 year old Clark called 911 to confess to his crime. By the time officers found Clark he had stabbed himself in the neck and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The report states that the two of them attended a concert together Saturday night in New York City. Apparently they left the concert early when they got in an argument and returned to Utica early Sunday morning, and that's when the murder took place.

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[via WABC]

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