Hey, remember a week or so ago when I shared the story about this genius in California that nearly killed himself jumping off of an 8-story building and into a marina? Well, they got him. According to L.A. Times, he has been charged with numerous trespassing charges:

Anthony Booth Armer is charged with two misdemeanor counts of unauthorized entry of a dwelling and one misdemeanor count of trespassing with intent to interfere with business, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office.

Police said detectives identified Armer as the man in the videos through interviews with homeowners and other witnesses and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Armer is accused of climbing over a retaining wall onto the gated property of a private residence near Table Rock Beach in Laguna Beach on July 21, then climbing onto the roof and leaping into the ocean, authorities said.The Laguna Beach Police Department investigated the incident after the video gained media attention, and the homeowner confirmed that Armer did not have permission to access the property, authorities said.

Armer also is accused of climbing over a wall on Sept. 29 to get into the employee-only areas of Laguna Beach’s Surf & Sand Resort before jumping from the fifth floor of the hotel into the pool. Hotel employees reported that incident to Laguna Beach police. "

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