My countdown clock to opening day of camping season shows 72 days as of today (February 17th.) May 1st seems so far away.

Why am I spending so much time staring at this countdown clock? Well, as you may know, I hate the winter months in this Northeastern portion of the country. No, I am not going to move to a warmer climate. Most of those areas have their own weather issues.

I just need to get through this winter and then enjoy what we hope to be a great sprng, summer and early fall. I do blame Mother Nature for giving us mild winters the past few years. I got too used to that. Last year I only had to clear snow a couple of times, and that wasn't much to talk about.

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This winter season has been a nightmare. It's snowing all the time, or at least it seems so. The cold temperatures are hanging in there, so the snow isnt melting, and neither is all the accumulated ice in my gutters and the icicles hanging from my roof.

And now, I see the National Weather Service has a Winter storm Watch for Thursday morning through Friday evening. The Southern Tier of New York could see 4 to 6 inches of snow and Northeast Pennsylvania could get between 4 and 8 inches of snow.

Sure it dosen't seem like much given the 40+ inch snowstorm we had last month, but once I'm outside trying to find a place to dump that snow off my driveway, siewalk and steps, it's more than than I want to deal with.

Enough is enough. But go tell that to Mother Nature and see how she reacts.

via National Weather Service Facebook 

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