This morning, our news woman Kathy Whyte came in the studio and was telling me about how the Vestal Fire Department has two of their 2008 Chevy Tahoe SUV emergency vehicles up for auction on an auction site. So I decided I would take a look to see what else was up there.

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I was amazed at some of the vehicles that are up for auction on this site. The website is called Auctions International Professional Auctioneers, and they have everything from regular vehicles to police cars, fire trucks, bulldozers and heavy equipment, and even a house that they are auctioning off. When I was writing this article, the bids on the two Vestal Fire vehicles were at $810 and $580 respectively.

Some of the items that caught my eye were garbage trucks, a big vacuum truck for sucking up leaves and stuff, some snow plows, a couple of backhoes, school buses, and a couple of fire trucks, including a 2000 KME 95 foot Tower Quint ladder truck. The current bid on that firetruck was $8,100 while I was writing this article. How cool would it be to own that?

I'm not sure where I would park it, but it would be neat to own. I'm not even sure when I would drive it, maybe just for parades and stuff, or if there was a cat stuck in a tree I be able to use this to help get the cat down. It would also be awesome for hanging Christmas lights and decorations. Maybe I could start my own business of putting up lights on huge trees or on tall buildings with this thing.

There's so much more than just vehicles on this site. There are wood splitters, forklifts, file cabinets, office chairs, and even a deli meat slicer. All of which are available to the highest bidders on this website.

Below are some photos of the vehicles I think would be cool to own.

Vehicles at Auction

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