Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson single-handedly got a theater full of staid Steely Dan fans on their feet recently.

His friend and fellow comedian John Mulaney described how it all went down while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night.

As Mulaney describes in the video below, he attended the concert with his Steely Dan-hating wife, Davidson and an old friend with whom he's seen the band many times, But upon arriving at New Yrk's Beacon Theatre, Davidson revealed he didn't know that Steely Dan were a band.

"It's not a comedian?" Davidson asked. You can watch the video below.

During the show, Davidson was getting upset by the lack of people standing. Mulaney noted that this is standard procedure at a Steely Dan concert, and sure enough when one woman got up during "Josie," she was told to sit down. Davidson convinced the row behind him to join him on his feet. Then the row behind followed suit, and then the row behind them.

"By the time they were playing 'My Old School,' the entire Beacon is on its feet," Mulaney recalled. "And Anna's dancing -- my wife -- so two guys who love Steely Dan, a guy that didn't know what Steely Dan was and a woman who hates Steely Dan got the Beacon on their feet. It was a Christmas miracle."

During the show, Mulaney tweeted video of the crowd with the caption, "I’ve seen Steely Dan for 12 years and no one ever stands. Pete Davidson changed that tonight."

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