A march is planned Sunday, March 26 in Downtown Binghamton to oppose regional law enforcement authorities' call for revisions to the New York Bail Reform Law. 


Citizen’s Action, Truth Pharm and Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow and others are leading the 2 p.m. march from the Martin Luther King Promenade to the Broome County Courthouse for a rally.

The group claims elected sheriffs are “callous” to national demands to respect and value Black life and respect the right to free speech and assembly.

Last week, the New York State Sheriff’s Association called for revisions like making resisting arrest a felony that can’t be dismissed in a plea bargain and making a felony charge for any person to approach or stay within 25 feet of a police officer doing their job.  The group also called for a felony for making a false accusation against a police officer.

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July 23, Democrats in the New York State Senate rejected the “Protecting Those Who Protect Us Package” by Senate Republicans that included the revisions presented by the Sheriff’s Association.

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