Good news my friends in Pennsylvania, the 25 percent occupancy rule for indoor dining is about to increase.

According to an article from WGAL-TV, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced today (September 8th) that beginning September 21st, restaurants in the state will be free to increase indoor capacity from 25 percent to 50 percent. That, of course is the occupancy maximum for New York State restaurants. I wondered why it had been at 25 percent for so much longer that New York.

The article from WGAL-TV mentions guidelines for Pennsylvania restaurants who plan to change to 50 percent, and I imagine most, if not all, will do so. A couple of those regulations requires completing a self-certification process by October 5th, and adhere to  social distancing and face mask rules. It's all to protect the customers and the employees.

Since I spend my weekends and vacations in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, and frequent the local diners and restaurants, this is great news. I have my favorites in the Towanda and Wysox areas, especially the diners, and hope this will help keep them on their feet financially. Most, if not all the restaurants offer outdoor seating and all offer take-out, and I have taken advantage of these services many times over the summer.

Now, when I head into town from camp for breakfast to my favorite diner, I won't have to get up so early to get in and find a seat because of the 25 percent capacity limit. Although, even at full capacity, it can fill up pretty quickly on a Saturday morning. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I become a grumpy old man if I don't get to eat breakfast at my diner of choice. Instead of "Get off my lawn", its "Get out of my booth!"

via WGAL-TV 

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