Are you a resident of Pennsylvania? Want to vent or compliment PennDOT? Well, here is your opportunity. It does allow you to weigh in if you are from another state and travel on PA roads.

It's not everyday you can get a request for feedback, so why not take advantage? According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, they are asking for your feedback concerning winter services via an online survey they have designed. The survey will remain live until May 7th.

The survey has ten questions to answer, including how you travel during poor weather, ranking snow removal, plow truck locations and winter roadway conditions among others. Be honest, if there is an issue, let them know, but if you think some or all things are good, let them know that.

By the way, PennDOT information can also be accessed through your mobile phone by calling 5-1-1, and you can access and receive Pennsylvania road condition information and regional Twitter alerts through

The website gives you a wealth of information including weather forecasts, traffic delay warnings and conditions on Pennsylvania roadways. Click on the button below to access the survey.

via The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

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