Penn Can Speedway on Route 171 and Susquehanna Pennsylvania will have live racing tonight. But tonight will be a special night. Tonight they will be paying tribute to Hall of Fame member Mike Colsten.

Colsten passed away this winter after a long battle with cancer. Colsten, who had been racing locally for 51 years, was inducted into three different racing Halls of Fame. Colsten's  number 51 car  was a staple at both Penn Can Speedway and Five Mile Point Speedway. Tonight Penn Can Speedway will pay tribute to this local legend by paying the winner of the races $5,151 in his honor.

When Mike passed away, I spoke to his niece and this is what she had to say about her late uncle. Cindy Chapman formerly of Binghamton said that her uncle was;

One of the nicest men you would ever meet. Even though he competed against other racers, he was always willing to share advice with the other drivers based on all the experience he gained over 51 years.

When Colsten wasn't racing cars, he was helping to keep cars on the road. He spent 44 years as General Manager of Don's Automotive Mall in Binghamton. Mike's son Joey is a stock car racer himself. When deciding on a number for his car he decided to go with number 151 in honor of his dad.

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Colsten, who passed away at the age of 70, was also very active in his hometown of Kirkwood. Among many other things he volunteered as a Sunday school teacher.

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