Have you ever taken the time to look at historical markers found on the roadside or at historical sites across America? I find them to be pretty cool because it's a lesson in history right where you are standing.

Every state has them, and I try to check out as many as I can, but unfortunately for those alongside roadways, their location sometimes impedes my ability to read the fine print on markers that are situated in areas where a pull-off is limited or non-existent. But historical markers are close enough to an area to pull off safely or have a parking area.

I recently noticed an article from NPR about a current comprehensive examination of historical markers across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The article mentions there have been questions from the public about the stories and language on some historical markers in the state.

As a result, there are over 2500 historical markers in Pennsylvania being examined by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and reportedly so far, two markers have been removed along with two revisions and new text to be added to two others.

The NPR article points to the PHMC historical marker examination focusing on several areas including factual errors and inappropriate references among others. I'm sure it's quite a project given the number of historical markers dotted across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but I applaud the effort to make sure all are historically correct, worded correctly, and educational.

Maybe other states should take notice and re-examine their historical markers as well. Many have been in place for a long time and may need correction or removal if warranted. For more on the story, visit the NPR website.

via NPR

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