Comfort food gets a bad rap sometimes, most of us have control over the foods we eat, but sometimes you just have to give in to your cravings for the foods that soothe you.

People turn to certain types of food to make them feel good for many reasons.

If I eat right all week sometimes I like to have something as a reward, maybe a bowl of ice cream or a dozen wings, other times I’m fine with my usual diet.

Women seem to turn to comfort foods more than men, some feel powerless over their cravings while others just like to sample something and move on.

My wife and I have certain comfort foods we like to eat, and I think it’s more so in the winter months when you can’t really get out and enjoy things like you do in the summer months.

If you’re not experiencing and extreme binge eating or excessive weight and health issues, I don’t think its  a big deal to give in to a craving here or there.

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