New York State Electric and Gas crews are “taking a little off the top” in trimming operations around Broome County.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

NYSEG is advising residents and motorists that crews are currently doing proactive tree trimming in the towns of Chenango and Maine to protect the electrical system from falling branches and vegetation growth.

The trimming is to run along 67-point-two-three miles of what is called the “Chenango Bridge 428 Circuit.”

NYSEG crews can be seen trimming within the company’s right-of-way as well as removing hazard trees that could cause damage if they break or fall.

The company warns there could be some temporary minor traffic delays in areas where work is being done and motorists should be extra cautious when t hey see crews and work zones.  In addition to NYSEG employees, the utility has hired Nelson Tree Services to do some of the contract work.

Crews will be working along Airport Drive, Bringham Road and Commercial Drive in the Town of Maine and in the Town of Chenango along Castle Creek Road, Dunham Hill Road, Kolb Road and West Chenango Road.

The work is due to be complete April 1 but trimming and maintenance is a year-round task.

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