Since I started working here at the Whale back in March of last year, I've pretty much taken the same route to work every day. I leave my house and hop on Route 17 in Endicott and take that until I get off the Front Street Exit. I make a right on the Front Street, take that all the way up to East Clinton Street. I make a left and go across the East Clinton Street Bridge, then hang a right on to Water Street. Once I get to the Lost Dog, I turn left and head down Henry Street. The parking garage on the corner of Henry and State Streets is where I park my car.

Ever since my first day here, I realized Front Street sucked. There were so many potholes on it that it looked like it was bombed. Well, now they are finally starting the 'Front Street Gateway Construction Project'. The road definitely needs it. Right now the way the detour is set up, is if you get off the Front Street Exit, you have to go all the way up Prospect Street to Mygatt Street, hang a left and take that all the way to Clinton, then make a left and go across the Clinton Street Bridge. That's a couple miles out of the way from where I'm going.

So now I have to figure out another way into work until this construction project is finished. They are saying it should be completed by the end of the year, but you know how that goes. Today I got off Exit 4, came down the Brandywine and took the Robinson Street exit. Then, I made a right turn onto Henry Street and came up that way. I hit three red lights on Henry Street even though there is no other car to be found. I could come down the parkway but that's going to take forever. I could get off the highway in Johnson City head down Downs Avenue to Clinton Street and come in that way but again, the speed limit is only 30 and I'll have a bunch of lights to deal with there too.

I'm open to any suggestions you have for the easiest way to get from Endicott to the corner of Court and State Streets in Binghamton. I hope they wrap up the Front Street project early, but everybody knows these projects always seem to last months longer than what they originally anticipated.

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