When I first heard about persons under 21 not permitted to purchase whipped cream,  in New York State, I thought it was some sort of a prank. Apparently, it was not, but it was misinterpreted by many.

The reason for the bill was to prevent those under 21 from buying the product from accessing the nitrous oxide with the intent to get high, mistakenly believing it's safe to do so.

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According to WWNY TV, legislation sponsored by New York State Senator Joe Addabbo passed in October of 2021. Some New York State businesses began to ask for identification from anyone purchasing whipped cream products.

Well, the legislation was not meant for the over-the-counter can of whipped cream as many have thought. As outlined in a memo from the New York Assembly, the purpose or general idea of the bill is "to prevent the sale of whipped cream chargers to anyone under the age of twenty-one."

As you know, nitrous oxide is used for many things including during oral surgery, and is also sold in tanks that are routinely rented or purchased for blowing up balloons. The New York Assembly bill mentions that nitrous oxide can "cause hearing loss, liver and kidney damage, limb spasms, central nervous system or brain damage, bone marrow damage, heart failure or suffocation." It is highly addictive.

Violators of this bill could face a penalty of two hundred fifty dollars for the first offense and five hundred for the second and each subsequent offense.

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