Looking at the pictures and video of the recent bridge collapse near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last week was quite disturbing. I can't imagine the horror of driving on a bridge that collapses under your vehicle. It's a miracle no one died.

Now, the concern is about other bridges across the state, and just what their current condition is in. And it's not just the bridges, the roadways across the state are in need of repair as well.

How many times have we complained about the condition of some roadways and bridges in both Pennsylvania and New York State? The scary thing about it is, while you can see the condition of a roadway as you travel on it, you don't see the complete picture of a bridge in terms of its overall condition as you drive over it.

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In New York State, Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli has just released a report on roadways in the Empire State. His report states that in 2020, local governments spent $2 million dollars on maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

DiNapoli points out that in New York State, 85 percent of all roads (over 96,000 miles) are owned by local governments. The remaining 15 percent are state and federal-owned highways. He mentions that over the next five years, New York State plans on spending $13.5 billion dollars on highway and bridge programs through the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

In 2020, governments in the Southern Tier of New York spent $176.9 million dollars on roadways at approximately $6,832 dollars per lane-mile, according to the most recent report from New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli.

For the complete report visit the New York State Comptroller website.

via New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli

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