When you are out golfing on a warm day, and you see the beverage cart coming down the cart path towards you, it is a welcomed sight.

Beverage carts on a golf course are usually stocked with ice cold beer, water, Gatorade, alcohol for mixed drinks, and snacks. I know people that only golf so they can enjoy adult beverages while they are outside. If it wasn't for the beverage cart, some of them would give up the sport altogether.

Tuesday in Schenectady, a man at the Stadium Golf Club decided to take the beverage cart home with him. According to the Daily Gazette, the golf course employee left the beverage cart outside as they went inside to reload the drinks. When the employee came back outside, the beverage cart was gone.

According to the report, the cart was recovered by police at an apartment complex not far from the golf course. The cart was found at the Kelsey Commons Apartment Complex. The man accused of taking the golf cart is 39-year-old Angel Castro of Schenectady.

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The report states that Castro is now facing charges of felony grand larceny. The report does not state whether or not he helped himself to any drinks or snacks from the cart, or whether or not the man was golfing at the course that day, or if he just happened to be walking by.

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