According to a report by Matthew Impelli of Newsweek, a New York man was attacked at a subway station by a man wielding a samurai sword.

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According to the report, the sword was in its sheath when the man was attacked. And unconfirmed reports on social media stated that the attacker was dressed like a ninja when he fled the area.

What I would like to know is how a man dressed as a ninja and carrying a samurai sword around New York City wasn't stopped before he attacked somebody. I saw some weird things during my time living in the city, but never once did I see a ninja running around with a sword. And if I did see that, I would sprint in the opposite direction because I'm not one to take the chance that this man was just on his way to a ninja convention.

The victim suffered a forehead laceration and a left leg wound, but was said to be in stable condition after being taken to New York Downtown Hospital. The altercation reportedly began with an argument between the victim and the attacker after the samurai sword wielding ninja confronted the victim's girlfriend. The woman reportedly sprayed the attacker with pepper spray.

Just another day living in New York City. Usually daily hassles start and stop with subway performers who refuse to let you ride to work in peace. But on occasion, you'll get attacked by a ninja with a sword seemingly at random.

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