Well I guess this is one way of getting the attention of City Hall.

According to WNYT, New York State Police paid a visit to Jamie Gagne's home in Wilton New York last week. Apparently Gagne was showing his frustration with the town by carving a 7-foot penis out of a tree and putting it on display in front of his house.

It appears Gagne was upset because the town served him with a stop-work order for his workshop he was building at his house. Gagne planned to build the workshop on his property but the town said the plans weren't up to code.

Gagne reached out to the town several times to try and come up with a solution to the stop work order, but the report stated he felt like he was being ignored and apparently that's what led to the wood carving.

According to the report the State Troopers ask him to take it down, which he did, and he moved to the back of his house. Sometime after the Troopers left, Gagne apparently moved the statue back to the front of the house with a sign that said adults only.

The State Troopers returned and charged him with public display of offensive sexual material. The report said Gagne believes it's his first amendment right to have his wood carving in his front yard and plans to fight the charges in court.

In case you were wondering where Wilton New York is, It's north of Saratoga Springs, about 2 hours and 45 minutes from Binghamton.

[via: WYNT]

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