A New York company is really looking to hire a "VP of Fecal Matters."

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A Brooklyn-based bidet company, Tushy, will pay someone $10,000 to study their bathroom habits for 3-months. Tushy is on the hunt for a "VP of Fecal Matters" who will record their bathroom experiences and share it on Tushy's social media pages.

The 3-month "fart-time" job requires you to work 30 to 60 mins each day, or, as the company states on the job posting, "depending on how many times you poop!"

The "VP of Fecal Matters" will start working on July 22 and will work with Tushy's "Chief Pooping Officer," Dr. Mark Hyman.

Below are what some might find humorous job qualifications and job "Funk-tions" from Tushy's job posting:


  • A real pooping human with 21-121 years of pooping experience
  • Pungent poop-related communication skills
  • Possess incredible precision-spraying skills
  • Strong poo-ject management and skills
  • Solid… or loose knowledge of the Bristol Stool Chart
  • Ability to prioritize in complex, fast-paced, *or constipated* environments
  • Embraces an “open-door policy” when discussing what happens in the bathroom
  • Ability to install the TUSHY bidet on a standard toilet

Job Funk-tions

  • Minimum 90-day commitment to the bidet life
  • ANALyzing and documenting your own daily pooping habits
  • Interview those closest to you about pooping habits
  • Testing TUSHY products against other bathroom products and brands
  • Pro-deuce video content for social media
  • Testing and debunking myths surrounding gut and butt health
  • A lot of pooping

To apply CLICK HERE to fill out a form. You must also submit a short video to explain why you should be the "VP of Fecal Matters."

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