We all know that there is more to New York State than just New York City. Our state's new license plate will reflect that.

In August, state officials asked the public to cast their vote to decide which of five designs would become the plate on New York cars going forward.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles announced that this is the winning design of the contest:

Credit: governor.ny.gov
Credit: governor.ny.gov

The winning design does have elements of New York city, in the form of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline. However on the opposite side of the plate, it also includes Niagara Falls and the rolling hills often attributed to upstate New York.

All four of the other options also were solely city-inspired, so this one could definitely be described at the most inclusive of the five options. You can take a look at all five of the options presented to voters below:

NYS License Plate Options

WABC-TV reports that nearly 325,000 people cast their vote in the contest, with nearly half going to the winning design.

The current, all yellow and blue design has come under scrutiny in the last year for having peeling issues.

Do you like the new license plate? Cast your vote in the poll below:


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