The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park has welcomed two new residents.  Twin Red Panda cubs were born to Mei-Li on Sunday, June 11th.

In a press release sent out on Friday one of the newborns remains under close observation while the other is doing well.  The cub which is the smaller of the two is receiving extra care.  That cub is now being hand-reared by the Animal Care staff.  When it is deemed healthy enough it will be returned to its mother.

The Red Panda is listed as endangered with a population decline of 50 percent over the last 20 years.  According to the release the decline is due primarily to deforestation.  Red Pandas are found in the Himalayan Mountains and in China, India, Nepal and Burma.

Photo courtesy of Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park
Photo courtesy of Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park

The name Red Panda can be deceiving.  Red Pandas have no relation to Panda Bears.  Instead, they are related to the raccoon family.  They spend lots of time during the day in trees and are active at night.  For more information on the Red Panda cubs go to:


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