Now that Halloween is behind us, most people are looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

A lot of people will be doing their holiday shopping on Black Friday which is just 2 weeks away. Many others will be doing a lot of their shopping on Cyber Monday, which is just around the corner as well.

The things that stress a lot of people out this time of year is deciding what gifts to get for people, as well as how to pay for those gifts. A lot of people will do the charge now pay later thing, and they will end up regretting that in January when those credit card bills show up in the mailbox.

That's why it's a perfect time to bring back the Whale Cash Code. Each weekday (through 11/21/2018) you'll have three chances to win up to $5,000. I give out the first code word of the day at 7:10, then Nikki has the second codeword at 12:10, and Don Morgan delivers 3rd codeword at 4:10. Then, you log onto our website and insert the code words in their proper times. Here is a link for you to insert the code words to make it even easier.

I know when it comes to contest there are a lot of people who think, "why bother"? "I never win". But, it's just like that old saying, you have to be in it to win it. Somebody wins with each codeword and your chances are just as good as anybody's.

So give it a shot, you might just be due to win. And just think how much less stressful the holidays would be with an extra $5,000.

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