I spent 36 hours of my weekend in the hospital this weekend. The first part of my blog includes the diagnosis and the part about my time in the hospital. There is a link to that below if you haven't seen it already.

The worst part about this whole thing is the timing. Our Church's golf tournament was yesterday. My wife Chris and I are on the committee for that so we put in a lot of work towards the tournament. We were supposed to play in the tournament, and volunteer both before and after our around. She wanted to be with me at the hospital but I made her go to the tournament. It was bad enough I could not live up to my commitment let alone having both of us not be there. Also, with back issues, I was not able to go help at the Saint Anthony feast as I do every year to help clean up and take everything down. I volunteer every year to help my friend who is a Cub Scout or Boy Scout leader, and his Scout Troop gets a donation from the church for helping out. And, it' Monday, which is the night of my golf league. I was told not to try and golf until after my follow up. Hell, they didn't want me to come into work today, but as the Queen song goes; "The Show Must Go On"!

The staff at Wilson was awesome, everybody from the nurses to the doctors, to the lab techs, security, and even the food preparation staff. I was pleasantly surprised how good the food actually was. There's a picture below of my breakfast yesterday morning and cheese omelet was pretty tasty. So I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that I won't need surgery I guess time will tell. I am sincerely hoping you had a much better weekend than I did. If you don't hear me on the air tomorrow, you know things have gotten worse.

Jim Free Photo
Jim Free Photo

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