Technically my vacation was over on Sunday being that I came in and worked on Friday. But anyway, Sunday before I did my show here on The Whale, I volunteered over at the Dick's Sporting Goods open. I was again a walking scorer,where we walk with the pros and every time they hit a shot, we enter it into software on a phone. The information immediately goes to the scoreboard, The PGA , The PGA website, and to the TV crews working the event.

I was the first group out and we started at 9 a.m. I had the players who were in last place after round two. I only had two in my group because Michael Bradley had withdrawn. My two were Steve Lowery and Hall-Of-Famer Tom Kite. Neither man played extremely well in the final round, but I was still very impressed. To watch these guys up close and personal is really a treat for me.

Even though he was having a rough round, Tom Kite still had his sense of humor. Qt one point came up to me and the standard Bearer that was with me. The standard bearer is the kid who carries the sign with the player's scores on. His name was Derik. He was changing the numbers after Hole 10 and Tom Kite looked at me laughed and said; "You guys are going to run out of numbers the way we're playing". He also made other jokes as they were making their way around En-Joie.

At the end of the round, I shook his hand. He looked me in the eyes and said "I'm sorry you had to witness that today." And I laughed and I said it was my honor. I got to watch a legend play. And he said he didn't play like a legend that day.

I want to thank the Stack Family, Owner's Of Dick's Sporting Goods, for continuing to sponsor this event that does so much for our community. Hats off to The Tournament Director John Karedes and his staff for their year round work to provide us with another awesome week of PGA Champion Golf. And a personal Thank You to the thousands of volunteers who donate their time to make this event happen.

I'm already looking forward to the 2018 Dick's Sporting Goods open.

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