This weekend should be a fun weekend for me. I have a live broadcast from Madame oars tonight starting at 11. It's always a good time there, and it's their Halloween party so that will make it that much more fun.

Tomorrow I have to work, then I should probably do some yard work. Later tomorrow night,  we're going out for dinner with a bunch of our friends which is always a great time.

Sunday will be the same for me as it is every week.  Church, followed by breakfast, followed by a day full of football. At some point over the weekend, I have to get all the Halloween decorations down from the attic.That takes about five or six trips up and down the steps, that's how much crap we have.

Before you know it, it will be Monday again.  And one thing to look forward to on Monday will be your chance to win tickets to go see blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa at the State Theater in Ithaca on the 16th of November.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, be safe and enjoy it.

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