So last night I ordered a dozen hot wings, brought them home, cracked open a beer in my bar in the basement of my house (The Freezone Bar and Grill) and sat down to watch sports. I was just about to put the hockey game on one TV and the NBA playoff games on other TVs and bam, the power went out. It sounded like there was a tornado out in my driveway. The power was only out for about a minute, and it came back on.


I went upstairs to look out at the storm. I noticed a tree came down in my next-door neighbor's yard. It was raining so hard I couldn't see the road in front of my house. Then, when the rain slowed a little, I could see a transformer blowing up on the next street over. At that point, I said we are going to lose power and it's going to be out for a while. Once the sparks ended, the lights went out for the rest of the night.


When the worst part of the storm passed, my neighbor Laurie came over to check on us. She didn't notice her tree at that point, so I had to break the news to her. I grabbed a few umbrellas and we went to check the damage at her house and we checked on a few other neighbors as well.


Then we went back in my house, we lit a bunch of candles in our living room and sat around shooting the crap.


After she went home, and my wife went to bed, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to see what else was damaged. My neighbors on the other side of my house lost an apple tree, and around the corner, the side street was closed with a tree right across the road. That tree also tore up some sidewalks.


I took a walk down to Grippen St because there was a firetruck there. That street was closed with downed power lines.


I walked around a little more, noticed shingles from a neighbor's roof had blown off and tree tops were off in other neighbor's yards.


I went back inside around 10 and decided I would just go to bed.


The power finally came back on at 3 am.


I'm still upset that I missed the hockey game, but at least Washington won. I wonder if I don't watch game 4 if they will win again?

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