Every year, except for two, since Chris and I bought our house, we have hosted a Super Bowl party. It's always the same cast of characters that show up during the regular season for football at our house.

Every year people that attend the party bring a dish to pass. Wind up with all the staples including pizza, wings, chips and dips, some sort of meatballs, sometimes subs, deserts and more. The website YouGov just released the top 10 foods people plan to eat on Super bowl Sunday.

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According to the report, they surveyed more than 1,200 people and they found that 60% of Americans say they plan on watching the big game this Sunday. When asked what they plan to eat during the Super Bowl, this is the responses they received.

Chips and dip finished number one at 40%, followed by chicken wings 36%, and pizza at 35%. Nachos, meatballs, tacos, burgers, cheese and crackers, cookies, and even ice cream made the top 10.

They also ask people what drinks they would be enjoying during the game, and 40% of those surveyed said soda. That was followed in second by beer, iced tea, wine, and 12% said whiskey. I wonder if the Super Bowl was to move to a Saturday if that would increase the percentage of beer, whiskey, and wine drinkers?

Whatever you're eating and drinking on Sunday, enjoy the game and the commercials. And I think I speak for everyone, except maybe Patriots fans, when I say thank God we don't have to watch them in the Super Bowl this year.

[via YouGov]

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