Have you started your holiday shopping yet? We all know those people who are done with their holiday shopping in February and love to flaunt the fact that they've been finished with shopping for months when the rest of us are just getting started with ours.

Then there are those people who love to wait until Christmas Eve to start their shopping. I think they get a rush out of getting it done at the last minute, not to mention the great bargains they find hours before the stores close for the holiday.

While you are shopping for the loved ones on your list, if you find yourself buying a gift for yourself, don't feel guilty, you are not alone. SWNS Digital released results of a survey that found 77% of us will buy ourselves "more" gifts this year. And we're not talking just one or two things either, the average person said they will buy approximately six gifts for themselves.

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43% of the people surveyed said they don't normally buy themselves a gift, but they are gifting themselves this year. Just over 50% of the people in the survey said they are buying gifts that will be used after the pandemic is over. The most popular gifts we are getting ourselves include booze, clothes, a vacation, a nice dinner, and a day at the spa.

Every year I'm tempted to buy myself something, and never do. But after the way 2020 has gone, I might have to buy myself a present as a reward for just getting through it.

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