The Broome County Special Investigations Task Force raided homes at 65 Floral Ave. in Johnson City and 133 Chapin Street, Binghamton last Thursday, July 29 and discovered drugs, cash, and a handgun.

Acting on a narcotics search warrant last Thursday the task force seized 5.5 ounces of cocaine, $21,260 in suspected drug sales cash, a loaded hand gun including several rounds of ammunition, and drug packaging materials from the home at 65 Floral Ave in Johnson City.

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Police charged 41-year-old Kelvin Bartholomew with multiple counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a weapon, and drug paraphernalia.

Police also charged 40-year-old Kashawna Bartholomew with multiple counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Kelvin Bartholomew was remanded to the custody of Broome County Correctional Facility, and held on an additional warrant for a parole violation.

Kashawna  Bartholomew was released after arraignment.

This is the second drug bust in the greater Binghamton area in less than a week, on July 23rd Broome County Sheriffs seized drugs weapons and packaging materials for a residence in Windsor.

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