Anyone that knows me knows that my two favorite animals are the monkey and the moose. I wanted a monkey for my second birthday and I got a sister instead but that's a story for another day.

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When I took a cruise to Alaska, one of my excursions included a ride on a moose...I'll show you the picture if you don't believe me. So I thought I would have to take another trip to the 49th state to see one again but I would be wrong.

In fact, I wouldn't even have to leave the state. Recently a young cow moose was spotted in downtown Schenectady. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation found out about this moose a few weeks ago, near Palatine Bridge (Montgomery County).

At the time, she was "stuck" in a horse paddock but was able to jump the fence with ease. She followed the Mohawk River east for the next 5 days, then on Friday, May 13th, she was seen near Schenectady Community College. That meant she went over 30 miles and took at least one swim across the Mohawk.

Young Moose Spotted In Schenectady New York

She continued her trek east going toward the city. The young moose ended up in a shaded, fenced-in backyard in the Woodlawn section of Schenectady. The DEC's Region 4 Bureau of Wildlife and Division of Law Enforcement staff was called in to help move the moose.

She was successfully immobilized in downtown Schenectady and released into the wilds of the southern Adirondacks and we have the video to prove it.

They put a yellow ear tag on her for identification purposes and let her on her way. They hope that she stays north next time. She is now free to roam where the Buff...I mean moose roam.

By the way, it's NEVER a good idea to try and ride a moose...NEVER!

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