You've heard the old saying "Money can't buy you happiness". I'm sure for some people that is true, but for other people, it can.

Look at it this way ,if you don't like mowing your lawn and mowing your lawn makes you miserable, if you had money you could pay somebody to mow your lawn while you go do what you want to do, something that makes you happy. I always said if I hit the lottery I would pay off all my family's bills, give them enough money to live on, I would take care of a few close friends as well, and donate a ton to charity. All that would make me happy. Why? Because I love helping people. If my family and my friends don't have to work, that means we will all have free time so we can do fun things together, like go on cruises, go on golfing trips, or just hang out and have fun.

So see, money can buy happiness. and I'm not the only one who thinks this way. According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers at the Harvard Business School just finished a study that says money can buy you happiness, even if you aren't rich.


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