I'm kind of glad I'm at the age I'm at so I don't have to deal with this stuff. Men wearing makeup, really?

I guess it's going to be a new thing. To the point where they're saying that we could actually see cosmetic counters for men in department stores within five to seven years according to The Telegraph.

I can see if you're on TV or in a movie or something, then you might need to wear makeup. Outside of that, do men really need make-up? I don't think so.

Is this just a scam from the makeup companies to try and line their pockets? I mean really, unless a guy is into goth, I never see a guy wearing makeup. And if I did, I would probably laugh in their face.

Again I'm glad I'm at the age I'm at now because I don't think I will ever wear makeup. What would John Wayne say about this?


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