I have been adopting Greyhounds for about 20 years, and for several years, fostered many. It's been a great experience, one that I will continue to do as long as I can.

It all started a few months after my first dog passed away. Up to that point, I had no knowledge of a Greyhound, other that they existed, were used for dog racing and were the name of a bus company.

I did some research and made the decision to adopt a Greyhound. I then contacted a rescue group based out of Pennsylvania, through local branches of the organization, and made an appointment for an interview. I met one of their foster dogs, and thought the interview went well, making me a good choice to adopt. A month passed with no contact, so I thought I might have been turned down. So I called to find out, and got the good news that I was approved.

The next step was to decide what Greyhound to adopt, and after bringing my first home, I have adopted seven over the past 20 years and fostered about 30. I currently have one Greyhound and an Italian Greyhound/Whippet mix who thinks he is a Greyhound.

A few months ago, I toyed with the idea of adopting another Greyhound. I have had up to three at a time, so adding a third dog to the family wouldn't be an issue. And so this past weekend, it became a reality. I made the trip to central Pennsylvania to pick up Jack the Greyhound. In addition to Jack, I also transported another Greyhound to his family in western New York, after some minor surgery in Altoona.

It was  a great adventure, logging in about 400 miles round trip. Jack broke a leg when he was racing at a dog track in West Virginia, so that ended his career, and he is still healing after surgery. But he's healing just nicely and will settle in well once he gets used to his new surroundings and my other dogs.

I was asked if we were going to keep his name. Some adopters change the name of their dogs from the name given to them by their race track owners. His official track name 'Mac's Jacks'. I thought briefly about Captain Jack, since I like pirates themes, but decided to just call him Jack. And so it will will be. Welcome to the family, Jack.

Jack The Greyhound

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