Tonight is the annual All-star game for Major League Baseball. I used to love the All-star game when I was a kid. You got to see players you didn’t see often, play with the best players in the world. I remember watching Ozzy Smith of the Cardinals do a flip before the inning started. Or that year when Randy Johnson was throwing those high hanging curve balls while John Kruk was swinging while ducking and running out of the batter’s box. The players were having fun.

Unlike the regular season where I want to see the players give 100% on every play. Like running out ground balls, or diving for balls that the can catch in the air, I think the all-star game for players should be about having a good time with their colleagues. A few years ago when the commissioner ruled that the winning league of the all-star game would get home field advantage in the World Series I thought that was the dumbest thing ever. If a team won every game of the year, and they played in the A.L., but the National League won the all-star game, That team that won every game during the season, still wouldn’t have home field advantage. That was just idiotic. I’m glad they changed that rule before this season started.

I would still rather watch a Little League game, or a Minor League game than a Major League Game, but if there’s nothing else on TV tonight, I might have to put it on for a while. Just a little while though because I can’t take too much of Joe Buck either, but that’s another rant for another day.
The Game is at 8pm. on Fox.

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