As the weather continues to improve (nevermind the crazy weather event we are going through this week), more and more people are leaving the house and enjoying the great outdoors.

With many of us getting vaccinated, the fear of being sequestered in our homes is lifting. A nice walk around the neighborhood is refreshing after the past year we've endured, and more specifically, the harsh winter we just experienced.

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It's good for your health, and if you have dogs, it's great for them too. I love to walk my Greyhounds (and my Italian Greyhound) around the neighborhood. It gives me a chance to get some exercise, and gives them the chance to park at other neighborhood dogs. A win-win for sure.

Another great walk with your dog is through some of our great local parks. Our area is also home to a few dog parks. Here are a few places ideas for area parks to take Fido, or whatever name your dog is.

Great Local Parks For Dogs

Small Towns In the Southern Tier and Central NY



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