The English language sure can be interesting with pronunciations of names. What it looks like on paper is not always how it is pronounced.

When I watch the local Scranton stations when I'm at my campsite in Northeast Pennsylvania, I've noticed how some towns and counties are pronounced. There are ones that are pronounced a bit different from what I thought they would be.

For example, Monroe County is 'Mahn-Roe' not 'Mun-roe.' Schuylkill looks to me to be 'Sky-kill', but it's pronounced 'Skoo-kall.' I've heard people pronounce Wilkes-Berre as Wilkes-Bear.' It's pronounced 'Wilkes-Berry'.

Here are some area towns and names that I'm sure someone from out of the area would pronounce incorrectly, to which we would probably laugh at them (quietly of course...maybe.)

Local Name Mispronunciations

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