The Civil Air Patrol NY292 Squadron is a proud group of young adults who have been invited to be a part of the pre-game ceremonies at Metlife Stadium during the New York Giants first preseason football game this Friday at Metlife Stadium

It's not their first time performing at events like this. They have also been a part of ceremonies at Watkins Glen Raceway, during Binghamton University basketball games and New York Jets football game. That's impressive!

Our Civil Air Patrol is of course much more than just performing at events. They are a great organization of young people serving the communities they are a part of, and is great learning experience for anyone who joins. I remember being invited many years ago to join CAP NY292 on a ride inside an Air Force refueling plane out of Griffiths Air Force Base in Rome.

My adventure with those guys and gals was one I'll never forget. In addition to being on the plane, we got to spend time in the cockpit, and in the belly of the place, watching refueling of an Air Force Jet in action. That's something most people will never get to experience.

Congratulations to CAP NY292 for their achievements and if you want more information, check out their website - CAP NY292.