The news came out on Friday afternoon, that Leonard Nimoy had passed away at the age of 83. The man behind the Vulcan, Mr. Spock, one of the most iconic Sci-Fi characters of all time.

I don't need to throw out a lot of facts on his life or accomplishments as I'm sure you've heard plenty this past weekend. So today it's personal. This is what Leonard Nimoy meant to me.

Our own president said it best, a direct quote from Barrack Obama, "I loved Spock".

When I think of Leonard Nimoy, I see a mild mannered, Mr. Spock, with a voice as calming as Morgan Freeman. I really enjoyed the love-hate relationship his character had with Dr. McCoy.

I grew up with Star Trek in syndication and have probably seen every episode of the original TV series. I have also seen all the movies, including the two new JJ Abrams films.

No matter what was happening on the screen, Spock always had something profound to say, that would give the viewers another prospective of a situation. He would always leave you thinking about life.

I have personally applied two of Mr. Spock's logical quotes into my life.

"Live long and prosper", has taught me to not stress about my situations, because it just robs you of the energy you could be using to enjoy life.

The second quote has been my philosophy as a radio programmer for 30 years. "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few." When you're selecting songs that thousands will hear, you have to look at the big picture and play the very best always.

Like most, I never had the pleasure of meeting Leonard Nimoy, but if I did, I would have told him how much his character influenced so many others.

Star Trek Director, J.J. Abrams, penned, "Dearest Leonard, what a man you were. What a life you lived. As funny and thoughtful and generous and loving as you were talented. You taught us all, at every encounter. We will miss and love you forever."

Goodbye Spock and thank you for all the life lessons.