If you ask me, Star Trek: The Motion Picture might be the most underrated of all the Star Trek movies. (A few years ago The Undiscovered Country might have held that title, but I think enough people realize that movie rules by now to not qualify for that honor anymore.) I’ve written about The Motion Picture before at ScreenCrush so I won’t repeat myself at length. In short: It’s an incredible visual spectacle and quietly a pretty compelling and realistic vision of what life in space might be like. (Sometimes, roaming the galaxy on a spaceship could be kind of boring!)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is okay in the versions that have been available on home video in recent years, but to fully appreciate its staggering images you need a really good print and, at minimum, a really good television. Unfortunately, the director’s cut that Robert Wise completed in 2001 has never been released in high-definition. At last, the Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Director’s Edition will premiere on Paramount+ next month.

According to the press release, this cut, which Wise supervised back in 2001, has now been “meticulously assembled and restored by producer David C. Fein with preservationist Mike Matessino, both of whom originally collaborated with Wise.” The version on Paramount+ will be presented in 4K Ultra HD, and will also play in theaters in May as special Fathom Events. Then the The Director’s Edition will be available on 4K discs in the fall.

The trailer for The Director’s Edition shows you just how good the new restoration looks compared to the previous print:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Director’s Edition premieres on Paramount+ on April 5.

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