Evidently, there is a plan in the works to create a feature-length Hollywood Captain Planet film. Who is the reported front man? None other than Leonardo DiCaprio. He has been very outspoken as a champion for environmental causes, so it's not too much of a stretch to believe that Leo agreed to this part.

The studio is in talks for the rights to the 1990s cartoon series, and is eyeing Jono Matt and Scream Queens star Glen Powell to write the script.


If the deal is made, Jennifer Davisson Killoran and DiCaprio will produce the project via Appian Way, which signed a first-look deal with Paramount in March, along with Powell."

Perhaps I'm showing my age (or lack thereof) when I say that I'm pretty excited for this movie. Captain Planet was my favorite cartoon growing up, and I even went to college originally with a focus on Environmental Studies and Alternative Energy.

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